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This is the software manual library. Here you will find all the manuals for all the Norsk Data software. The manuals are grouped according to the software type they belong to, and sorted on ND numbers as always. Some unnumbered hardware and software manuals will also be found here.

A description of the columns used in the standardized table can be found here, explaining the meaning of each column.

(60) General software
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
60.026.02 ENAug. 1973NORD-OPS, Reference Manual PDF file1023.02 MB NTMSW
60.031.04 ENAug. 1980QED Users Manual PDF file56 1.50 MB NTMSW
60.047.03 ENJul. 1977NORD PL, User's Guide PDF file1142.81 MB NTMSW
60.051.01 EN SINTRAN III, Real Time Loader NoSW
60.052.04 ENJan. 1979Nord File System PDF file1165.82 MB CVSSW
60.059.01 ENJan. 1974NORD PL, Program Documentation PDF file68 1.61 MB NTMSW
60.066.01 EN ND Relocating Loader NoSW
60.066.4 ENFeb. 1983ND Relocating Loader PDF file71 2.04 MB CVSSW
60.072.02 ENAug. 1977SINTRAN III, Real Time Loader, System Documentation PDF file49 2.57 MB CVSSW
60.096.01 ENMar. 1978MAC Interactive Assembly and Debugging System, User's Guide PDF file1504.17 MB NTMSW
60.108.01 EN ND ISAM, Reference Manual NoSW
60.112.01 EN SINTRAN III System Documentation, Appendix A - Data Fields NoSW
60.113.02 ENMay. 1980NORD-500 ASSEMBLER, Reference Manual PDF file1082.53 MB NTMSW
60.117.1 EN PLANC Reference Manual NoSW
60.117.04 ENJun. 1983PLANC Reference Manual PDF file3216.90 MB CVSSW
60.121.01 EN PED Editor, PED User Guide NoSW
60.122.02 ENJan. 1980NORD File System, System Documentation PDF file1001.83 MB CVSSW
60.125.1 EN SINTRAN III, Introduction NoSW
60.127.01 EN SIBAS II, User Manual NoSW
60.128.01 EN SINTRAN III, Reference Manual NoSW
60.132.01 EN SINTRAN III, Timesharing/Batch Guide NoSW
60.133.01 EN SINTRAN III, Real Time Guide NoSW
60.134.1 EN SINTRAN III, Communication Guide NoSW
60.136.01 EN ND-500 Loader/Monitor NoSW
60.137.01 EN FOCUS Screen Handling System, Reference Manual NoSW
60.141.01 NO SINTRAN III, Introduksjon NoSW
60.145.8 ENAug. 1987ND FORTRAN, Reference Manual PDF file47824.38 MBNTMSW
60.146.03 ENJan. 1983ND Sort/Merge System PDF file41 2.14 MB CVSSW
60.151.1 EN SINTRAN III, Utilities Manual NoSW
60.158.01 EN Symbolic Debugger, User's Guide NoSW
60.161.1 EN PIOC Software Guide NoSW
60.163.01 EN COSMOS, User Guide NoSW
60.174.1 EN SINTRAN III, Quick Reference Card NoSW
60.179.01 EN User Environment, Reference Manual NoSW
60.182.1 ENFeb. 1986LINKAGE-LOADER, User Guide PDF file1392.70 MB CVSSW
60.184.4 ENJan. 1987FILE COMPARE, Reference Manual PDF file70 2.45 MB NTMSW
60.194.3 ENJun. 1986User Environment, Reference Manual PDF file1485.77 MB NTMSW
60.194.3 NOApr. 1986Brukermiljø Håndbok PDF file1485.72 MB NTMSW
60.196.01 ENAug. 1984BRF-LINKER, User Manual PDF file84 2.96 MB NTMSW
60.196.3 ENJan. 1988BRF-Linker, User Manual PDF file1146.14 MB CVSSW
60.197.01 ENFeb. 1985ETHERNET Basic Software, Programmer Guide PDF file1024.08 MB CVSSW
60.208.1 ENJun. 1985ND-500 SIMULA, Reference Manual PDF file2244.88 MB NTMSW
60.228.1 ENJul. 1986SINTRAN III, Monitor Calls PDF file62428.51 MBNTMSW
60.230.01 ENJan. 1985SINTRAN III J-version, Release Information PDF file84 2.41 MB NTMSW
60.239.1 ENJun. 1985TELEFIX-MINI, Reference Manual PDF file46 2.34 MB NTMSW
60.242.01 EN Butterfly Teamstation User Guide NoSW
60.255.01 NO Introduksjon til ND kontorsystemer NoSW
60.261.01 EN User Environment, Library Routines NoSW
60.261.01 NO Brukermiljø biblioteksrtiner NoSW
60.264.01 NO SINTRAN III, Sluttbrukerveiledning NoSW
60.271.01 EN MS-DOS Reference Manual NoSW
60.284.1Pre EN TELNET/FTP User Guide PDF file1072.24 MB CVSSW
60.288.01 EN SINTRAN III, Monitor Calls NoSW
860117.1 EN PLANC Reference Manual NoSW
860125.01 EN SINTRAN III, Introduction NoSW
860127.1 EN SIBAS II User Manual NoSW
860128.01 EN SINTRAN III, Commands Reference Manual NoSW
860136.01 EN ND-500 Loader/Monitor NoSW
860158.1 EN Symbolic Debugger User Guide NoSW
860182.1 EN Linkage Loader User Guide & Reference NoSW
860194.1 EN User Environment Reference Manual NoSW
860215.1 EN File Manager, Introduction NoSW
860228.01 EN SINTRAN III, Monitor Calls NoSW
860250.2 EN BACKUP User Guide NoSW
860251.2 ENJan. 1990C Reference Manual PDF file4046.84 MB NTMSW
860252.1 EN THE SPRINT User Guide NoSW
860266.1 EN LED User Guide NoSW
860284.1 EN COSMOS TELNET/FTP Client User Guide NoSW
860289.2 ENFeb. 1989ND Linker User Guide and Reference Manual PDF file3105.52 MB CVSSW
860295.1 EN OWS User Guide NoSW
860307.01 EN CAT-Profile NoSW
860320.1 EN User Environment, User Guide NoSW
860326.1 EN Using your OWS with None-ND Hosts NoSW
860351.1 EN OpenLAN TIU Terminal User Guide NoSW
860353.1 EN OpenLAN TIU Getting Started Guide NoSW
860354.1 EN File System Verification, User Guide NoSW
860359.1 EN Operator Environment Menu, User Guide NoSW
860366.1 ENNov. 1988Configuration Dictionary, User Guide PDF file36 981 KB NTMSW
860367.1 EN User Area Management, User Guide NoSW
860444.1 NOJul. 1990FD Telex/Telefax, Brukerveiledning PDF file94 2.03 MB NTMSW
860462.1 ENMar. 1991NCDware X Server, Advanced User's Manual PDF file3567.38 MB NTMSW
(62) Test and Verification software
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
62.004.01 ENJan. 1974NOTEDS REFERENCE MANUAL, NORD-10, Test and Debugging System PDF file60 2.39 MB NTMSW
862009.00 ENFeb. 1993User Environment, Release Information E-version PDF file24 1.05 MB NTMSW
(63) NOTIS software
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
63.001.1 EN NOTIS-WP Introduction NoSW
63.002.1 EN NOTIS-WP Reference Manual NoSW
63.003.01 NO NOTIS-WP Introduksjon NoSW
63.004.01 NO NOTIS-WP Håndbok-Editor NoSW
63.007.1 EN NOTIS-TF Reference Manual NoSW
63.009.1 EN NOTIS-TF Macro Guide NoSW
63.010.1 NO NOTIS-TF Makro Veiledning NoSW
63.015.1 EN NOTIS-WP Reference Card NoSW
63.017.1 NO NOTIS-DS Introduksjon NoSW
63.018.1 EN NOTIS-WP User Guide NoSW
63.035.01 NO NOTIS-WP Kort Introduksjon NoSW
63.036.01 NO NOTIS-WP-M. Nye funksjoner NoSW
63.041.1 NOOct. 1985NOTIS-TF-M, Nye funksjoner PDF file78 6.90 MB NTMSW
863017.1 EN NOTIS-DS Introduction NoSW
(65) Technovision software
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
65.007.02 GENov. 1986TECHAPT Benutzeranleitung FLIM file YesSW
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
868210.00 ENFeb. 1994NORCCIS TEST PLATFORM OPERATOR & User's Guide PDF file28 1.49 MB NTMSW
(80) Utility software and special documentation
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
80.001.2 ENMar. 1987Technical Description, NEC CCIS Data Processing Subsystem PDF file35410.70 MBNTMHS
80.002.2 ENMar. 1987Operation and Maintenance, NEC CCIS Data Processing Subsystem MB NoHS
80.003.2 ENMar. 1987Drawings Catalogue, NEC CCIS Data Processing Subsystem MB NoHS
880001.01 ENMar. 1989Y, Reference Manual PDF file22 806 KB YesSW
880001.02 ENAug. 1989Y, Reference Manual PDF file22 838 KB YesSW
(99) Other documentation
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
899159.1 ENDec. 1988Test Program Description for ND-100/ND-110 - Addendum PDF file44 1.03 MB NTMSW
(xx) Miscellaneous
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
CF01.01 EN  Course Manual CF01 Switching Algebra PDF file60 2.46 MB YesHS
CSI 1993.05 ENMay. 1993CSI - Customer Support Information PDF file92 3.62 MB NTMSW
JAMES.1 ENFeb. 1988JAMES Hardware Description PDF file18 627 KB YesHW
LPR.01 NOApr. 1992LPR Print Spooler Klient Program for ND-500(0) PDF file26 0.99 MB No SW
NDSH01.01 EN  ND Service Handbook Vol. I PDF file2063.87 MB No HS
NDSH02.01 EN  ND Service Handbook Vol. II MB YesHS
NDSH03.01 EN  ND Service Handbook Vol. III MB YesHS
NDSH04.01 EN  ND Service Handbook Vol. IV MB YesHS
SCG 1988.02 NOFeb. 1988SI Communication Guide PDF file1642.38 MB No HS
SIBAS.90 ENJun. 1990SIBAS/R tables, version B04/B05 40 1.27 MB YesSW
SPRINT.02 ENApr. 1990Sprint version B, design chart PDF file46 532 KB No SW
TPS001.01 NODec. 1977Pakkesystemet og Meldingsflyt i TPS PDF file58 2.48 MB NTMSW
TRC001.01 EN  The ND-100 tracer PDF file34 1.41 MB YesHS
(xx) TSS
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
TSS-01 ENSep. 1972ND-Nytt - Whither Timesharing PDF file8 2.48 MB BLSW
TSS-02 EN  Nord-10 Design Goals PDF file4 824 KB BLSW
TSS-03 EN  NORD Timesharing System PDF file2 652 KB BLSW
TSS-04 ENJun. 1971TSS related notes PDF file6314.30 MBBLSW
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