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In this section you will find all the Norsk Data's small and handy quick guides. All the quick guides are collected here instead of under the sections for hardware and software as for all the other manuals. A description of the columns used in the standardized table can be found here, explaining the meaning of each column.
Quick guides
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
06.021.Q02ENDec. 1983ND-100 INSTANT INSTRUCTION CODES PDF file12605 KB Yes SW
06.022.Q02ENDec. 1983ND-100 Operator's Communication Instruction Survey PDF file6 339 KB Yes SW
63.015.Q01ENOct. 1983NOTIS-WP REFERENCE CARD for TDV-2200/9 - ND-NOTIS terminals PDF file6 376 KB Yes/NTMSW
63.019.Q01EN- NOTIS-WP REFERENCE CARD for FACIT-4420 - ND-NOTIS terminals PDF file6 377 KB Yes SW
63.026.1 EN- RP-START PDF file6 369 KB Yes SW
63.031.Q01ENJan. 1984NOTIS REFERENCE CARD for non-NOTIS terminals PDF file6 334 KB Yes/NTMSW
63.032.Q01NOJan. 1984NOTIS OPPSLAGSKORT for ikke-NOTIS terminaler PDF file6 341 KB Yes SW
99.001.Q01ENMay. 1984COSMOS, USER CARD PDF file8 408 KB Yes/NTMSW
99.001.2 ENFeb. 1988COSMOS, User Card PDF file8 400 KB Yes SW
99.002.01 ENJan. 1985COSMOS, OPERATOR CARD PDF file8 415 KB Yes/NTMSW
99.002.2 ENFeb. 1988COSMOS, Operator Card PDF file10436 KB Yes SW
99.003.1 NOMay. 1985NOTIS-RG-B OPPSLAGSKORT PDF file8 393 KB Yes SW
99.003.2 ENJul. 1987NOTIS-RG REFERENCE CARD PDF file6 279 KB Yes SW
99.004.1 EN- NOTIS-ENCRYPT PDF file1 262 KB Yes SW
99.005.02 ENDec. 1984ND-100 Instant Instruction Codes PDF file12762 KB Yes/NTMSW
99.006.1 EN NOTIS-WP Reference Card NoSW
99.007.2 NOAug. 1986NOTIS-WP OPPSLAGSKORT for TDV-2200/9 ND-NOTIS terminaler PDF file4 305 KB Yes SW
99.015.1 ENJun. 1988SIBAS/R DRL, Quick Reference Card PDF file10485 KB Yes SW
99.015.1 ENJun. 1988SIBAS/R DRL, Quick Reference Card PDF file12479 KB Yes SW
99.016.02 ENDec. 1984ND-100 Operator's Communication Instruction Survey PDF file6 411 KB Yes/NTMSW
99.020.1 EN- SINTRAN III, Quick Reference Card NoSW
99.030.1 ENJun. 1985How to use operator panel ND-323163 PDF file14812 KB Yes/NTMHW
99.031.1 ENAug. 1986NOTIS-TF, REFERENCE CARD PDF file6 405 KB Yes SW
99.033.1 ENMar. 1986ND-110017 Magtape 50/100 IPS, 6250 BPI, User Guide PDF file12598 KB Yes/NTMHW
99.035.1 NOJan. 1986NOTIS-WP-M på 5 minutter PDF file8 596 KB Yes SW
99.038.1 NOOct. 1989Slik tar du Notis-utskrifter på Elpho-20 PDF file12674 KB Yes/NTMHW
99.039.1 ENJul. 1986NOTIS-DRAW, REFERENCE CARD PDF file6 298 KB Yes/NTMSW
99.039.1 NONov. 1986NOTIS-DRAW, Referansekort PDF file6 303 KB Yes SW
99.039.2 ENAug. 1987NOTIS-DRAW, REFERENCE CARD PDF file6 300 KB Yes/NTMSW
99.053.1 ENApr. 1987FILE MANAGER, REFERENCE CARD PDF file160.99 MBYes SW
99.053.1 NOApr. 1987FILE MANAGER, OPPSLAGSKORT PDF file16846 KB Yes SW
99.054.1 ENMay. 1987NOTIS-BG, REFERENCE CARD PDF file8 329 KB Yes SW
99.067.1 ENJan. 1988NOTIS-PET, Quick Reference Card PDF file8 433 KB Yes SW
99.068.1 ENJan. 1988NOTIS-PRO, Quick Reference Card PDF file8 428 KB NTMSW
99.072.1 ENDec. 1987ND-Shell, Reference Card PDF file6 378 KB Yes SW
99.097.1 ENSep. 1989Microsoft Excel on your workstation, Installing it and making it work PDF file5 408 KB Yes SW
99.097.1 NOSep. 1989Microsoft Excel på din arbeidsstasjon, Installasjon og tips om bruk PDF file5 428 KB Yes SW
99.119.1 ENAug. 1988ND-110324 Magtape PDF file10462 KB Yes/NTMHW
821009.1 ENJan. 1990386MAX Recipe for Installation "by hand" PDF file12484 KB Yes SW
891013.1 ENJun. 1989ND Office Laser 708 IID, Installation on an OpenLAN Network PDF file321.02 MBYes SW
891024.1 ENJul. 1989PC/TCP Kernel for ND-110683, Installation Description PDF file6 447 KB Yes SW
891040.1 ENApr. 1989ND Enhanced Keyboard, Installation Guide PDF file6 560 KB NTMHW
899005.2 ENNov. 1988ND-100 Instant Instructions Codes Card PDF file12616 KB Yes SW
899078.1 ENJun. 1988SIBAS/R DML, Quick Reference Card PDF file10529 KB Yes SW
899097.1 ENSep. 1989Microsoft Excel on your workstation, Installing it and making it work PDF file6 414 KB NTMSW
899115.1 EN- How to install the Ethernet Adaptor Card NoHW
899129.2 ENOct. 1989MS-DOS Printer Driver for ND Applications, Installation Description PDF file16580 KB Yes SW
899137.1 ENOct. 1988OpenLAN Terminal Interface Unit, Quick Reference Card PDF file12580 KB Yes HW
899166.1 ENMar. 1989ND DOS, Network Menu System, Quick Reference Guide PDF file12511 KB Yes HW
899178.1 NOJun. 1989Oppslagskort for tastaturet ND Enhanced PDF file6 491 KB NTMHW
899179.1 ENJun. 1989ND Office Laser 708 IID, Typefaces and Fonts PDF file10527 KB Yes SW
899190.1 EN- ND Office Laser 708 IID, Duplex Printing from NOTIS-WP and Windows PDF file6 366 KB Yes SW
899202.1 NO- DIALOGUE - UNIQUE-II, Referansekort PDF file8 491 KB Yes SW
ND-PSO.1 NO- Prosjektstyring: Fremgangsmåter og kvalitetssjekk PDF file6 969 KB No HW
EX-LAN.A EN1987 TCP/IP Network Software Application Utilities, Quick Reference PDF file12716 KB No SW
SX-101.B EN1985 SCO Xenix Tutor PDF file6 610 KB No SW
TI-825.1 EN- MODEL 825 KSR, Operator Reference Cards PDF file7 412 KB No HW
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