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Here in this section I have placed all the hardware and software documentation not found in any other sections. The products here are used by Norsk Data but usually not manufactured nor documented by Norsk Data itself. A description of the columns used in the standardized table can be found here, explaining the meaning of each column.
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
HP-J3202A EN1996 HP AdvanceStack Switching Hubs, Reference Guide PDF file44 859 KB No HW
HP-CABI01 EN1988 HP Cabling Information, plotter and printer PDF file4 366 KB No HW
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
TEK-1240 ENNov. 1986The Tektronix 1240/1241 Logic Analyzer, Operator's Manual PDF file1726.74 MBNo HW
Magnetic devices
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
Arc-2150S.B EN1988 Archive Viper SCSI model 2150S PDF file1097.10 MBNTMHW
CS-235 ENJul. 19885¼ adaptor kit for FD-235 series PDF file14 501 KB No HW
DGB-BASF.7 EN1988 Diskette Guide Book PDF file1167.53 MBNTMHW
MDD-110893.A EN1995 Micropolis 4221 Disk Drive (ND-525107), 2.05GB SCSI-2 SE PDF file20 774 KB No HW
ST-67452.D EN1995 Seagate, HAWK, ST31200N/ND, Product Manual PDF file78 480 KB No HW
ST-67453.D EN1994 Seagate, HAWK, ST31200N/ND, Installation Guide PDF file40 1.36 MBNo HW
Paper devices
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
FACIT-4070.01ENNov. 1975Facit Tape Punch 4070, Instruction Book PDF file4 649 KB NTMHW
FACIT-4070.02ENNov. 1975Facit Tape Punch 4070, Technical Description PDF file8 993 KB NTMHW
PDU's etc
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
PDU-10KVA.A1 ENJun. 1989Power Distribution Unit, 10 KVA PDF file40 1.65 MBNTMHW
PDU-60KVA.A1 ENJun. 1989Power Distribution Unit, 60 KVA PDF file42 1.87 MBNTMHW
Power Supply
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
EMP-325.A1 ENDec. 1980Technical Manual, NORD Multi Power System EMP 325 PDF file36 1.47 MBNTMHW
PE-1759.A1 ENApr. 1983Switched Mode Power Supply PE 1759, Instruction Manual PDF file36 1.55 MBNTMHW
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
JOLI-001.01 NO1984 JÖLI safe, bruksanvisning PDF file4 337 KB No HW
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
TDV-2215.01 EN1981 TDV 2215 - for the requirements of the '80s PDF file8 571 KB NTMHW
TDV-2220.01 EN1981 TDV 2220 - for the requirements of the '80s PDF file8 560 KB NTMHW
TDV-385604.4 ENFeb. 1983TDV 2215, Functional Specifications PDF file1043.29 MBNTMHW
TDV-385956.3 ENNov. 1981TDV 2215, User's Guide PDF file22 887 KB NTMHW
TDV-387637.2 ENSep. 1981TDV 2215, Specifications & Installation Guide PDF file32 867 KB NTMHW
TDV-389318.3 ENJan. 1982TDV 2215, Quick Reference Guide PDF file20 795 KB NTMHW
TDV-391170.0 ENOct. 1980TDV 2200, Keyboard PDF file1 255 KB TI HW
TDV-391439.0 ENSep. 1980TDV 2215, Owner's Manual PDF file2126.02 MBNTMHW
TDV-392894.0 ENOct. 1980TDV 2200, Hardware Manual PDF file57 1.62 MBTI HW
TDV-396407.0 ENJun. 1982TDV 2215, Product Release Document PDF file16 614 KB NTMHW
TDV-397262.4 ENFeb. 1984TDV 2200 and TDV 2200 S, User's Guide PDF file22 0.99 MBNTMHW
TDV-398943.2 ENFeb. 1984TDV 2200, Specifications & Installation Guide PDF file28 808 KB NTMHW
Various Hardware
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
F16-53184A-C ENFeb. 1980F-16 Multirole Fighter, Pilot's Radar Manual PDF file74 2.67 MBNo HW
Various Software
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
Enquire 1.1 ENOct. 1980The ENQUIRE System, Short Description PDF file12 849 KB No SW
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