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Norsk Data hardware - PCB's1.4.1 - Norsk Data hardware - PCB's

All of the Norsk Data PCB's (Printed Circuit Boards) are here grouped together according to the computer series or usages. For each of the groups there are lists of all the PCB's belonging to that group with a description of each PCB.

Configuration info and switch settings together with some tips and tricks will be found in the description of each PCB.

Even many card will be found in different computer models, like the ND-120 CPU will not only be found in the ND-100 computers but also in the ND-500 and ND-5000 series, such cards will only be found in the group where it originally belongs.

General info, like PCB labels, may be found in the last section.

NORD-1 PCB's NORD-5 PCB's NORD-10 PCB's NORD-50 PCB's ND-100 PCB's ND-380 PCB's - MF-bus ND-500 PCB's ND-5000 PCB's ND-other PCB's ND PCB common

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