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What can you read from the PCB label ?

On the PCB's in the NORD-1, NORD-5, NORD-10 and NORD-50 series it was difficult (or even impossible) to see any card info without stopping the computer and removing the card from the card crate. With the bar strengthening found on the edge of the PCB's in the ND-100, ND-380 (MF), ND-500 and ND-5000 there was enough space to attach a small label with useful info. This info is easily readable by just opening the card crate.

350103   PCB 3202   ND-120CX 32B 4MB   PRINT: D   ECO: P   228945
A   B   C   D   E   F
  1. This is the unique Norsk Data product number (ND no) identifying a specific configuration of the given component. With this ND number we clearly specify which component we are referring to.
  2. The PCB number is the internal Norsk Data item number for the PCB itself. The same PCB may be used in various product numbers (ND no) but then with different configurations. This number will normally be found printed somewhere on the PCB.
  3. Here we have a short description of the component, hopefully in some readable and understandable text. In this example we have a ND-120CX CPU with 32 bit floating point and 4 MB of memory on board.
  4. The version of this PCB, normally printed on the PCB together with its item number.
  5. The ECO (Engineering Change Order) is showing what modifications and corrections that are applied to the component.
  6. This is a unique serial number that was rarely used. The intention was to keep a history of the card, like where it has been used, where it is now, errors that may have been related to this card, ensure correct maintenance according to the service contract, etc.

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