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Carriage control tape templates1.5.12.1 - Carriage control tape templates

A carriage control tape was a loop of punched tape that was used to synchronize rapid vertical page movement in some old line printers. The tape loop was as long as the length of a single page or multiple pages. Here are the templates for pages with lengths of 4, 8 and 12 inch (well, the 12 inch tape is missing). Read more about CCTs on the Wikipedia page Carriage control tape.
CCT tapes

An 8 inch CCT with 48 lines per page repeated twice on the tape, and a 4 inch CCT with 24 lines per page repeated three times, using standard 6 LPI (Lines Per Inch). Channels used to mark top of page and one vertical tab stop which can mean first printable line.

The three CCT tapes was priced at 130,- NOK.

CCT tapes
Carriage control tapes in its original box

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