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This is the ECO (Engineering Change Order) library, with all corrections and modifications done to the Norsk Data hardware. The information is grouped into computer types, devices and so on, and as always sorted on the ND-numbering system. A description of the columns used in the standardized table can be found here, explaining the meaning of each column.
ECO, ND-100
ND noLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadPagesSizeOriginalType
ECO 768ENOct. 1989PCB 1888: Other changes demands a ground reference PDF file4 338 KB No HW
ECO 769ENOct. 1989PCB 5287: Signals involved are already terminated elsewhere PDF file6 489 KB No HW
ECO 770ENOct. 1989PCB 5294: Signals involved are already terminated elsewhere PDF file6 474 KB No HW
ECO 771ENNov. 1989PCB 3020: Wrong data is written to tape due to short pulse BUDAT-1PDF file4 411 KB No HW
ECO 772ENNov. 1989PCB 1888: Design error, destroy gate SN 75154 PDF file8 583 KB No HW
ECO 773ENJan. 1990PCB 3094: CP 121 might short 12V to ground PDF file2 261 KB No HW
ECO 774ENJan. 1990PCB 3202: Memory out of range PDF file5 401 KB No HW
ECO 775ENJan. 1990PCB 6034: Missing connections PDF file3 295 KB No HW
ECO 776ENApr. 1990PCB 3094: Better performance, power fail corrections PDF file6 686 KB No HW
ECO 777ENMai. 1990PCB 3094: Memory out of range PDF file2 284 KB No HW
ECO 778ENJun. 1990PCB 1702: Missing connections PDF file3 290 KB No HW
ECO 779ENDec. 1990PCB 3202: System failing with cache enabled PDF file5 407 KB NTMHW
ECO 780ENMar. 1991PCB 3094: A false Memory Parity Error PDF file5 622 KB No HW
ECO 781ENJun. 1991PCB 5911: Overwriting on SCSI-devices or transfer error PDF file4 327 KB No HW
ECO 782ENJun. 1991PCB 5909: Overwriting on SCSI-devices or transfer error PDF file4 330 KB No HW
ECO 783ENFeb. 1992PCB 3094: Memory out of range, Memory parity error PDF file2 293 KB No HW
ECO 784ENMar. 1992PCB 3026: May give various errors as ERROR 70, 72, 73 PDF file2 314 KB No HW
ECO 785ENNov. 1992PCB 3202: Memory out of range, IOX-error PDF file4 366 KB NTMHW
ECO 786ENSep. 1994PCB 3202: Upgrade ND-120CX CPU & MM 32B 2MB to ND-125CX PDF file281.35 MBNo HW
ECO X01ENNov. 1994PCB 3202: New backup battery for the calendar on ND-120 CPU PDF file4 317 KB NTMHW
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