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Here we are, all the Norsk Data (ND) employees together with some information about each of us. Sorted by the ND initials, since we were very keen to use these.

The information on these pages are found in various telephone/initial lists, notes together with all the pictures and especially the Sibas database COPYBASE. This Sibas database was used by the superb internal programs PERS-SOEK and PERS-INFO.

Some employees are so lucky to have more than one picture (this is shown with a green frame), click on the picture to see the next one.

Currently 1017 employees with 825 pictures are available. Some pictures are not so pretty because of ink stains or other damages, sorry for that.

If there are any incorrect or missing information, please contact me so I can update these pages with as accurate information as possible (with documentation if possible).

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pictureND employee number.
ND initials, from the days when we used the Norwegian letters ÆØÅ.
ND initials, after they were internationalized (employees are sorted on this).
Employee date.
Resignation date.
Known office addresses (see below).
Office Country Location Address
AES Norway Ålesund
ASK Norway Asker
B1-B4 Norway Skullerud Olav Helsetsvei 5
BGO Norway Bergen
C2 Norway ?
DBH Germany Bad Homburg
DDD Germany Dusseldorf
DFR Germany Frankfurt
DHA Germany Hannover
DKB Denmark Ballerup
DKO Denmark Odense
DKÅDenmark Århus
DMH Germany Muelheim
DNE Germany Nieder-Eschbach
DRM Norway Drammen
DST Germany Stuttgart
E1-E5 Norway Skullerud Olav Helsetsvei 5
F1-F3, FUNorway Furuset (Lindeberg) Jerikoveien 20
FRS Norway Fredrikstad
FV SwitzerlandFerney Voltaire
G1-G5 Norway Skullerud Olav Helsetsvei 5
GE SwitzerlandGeneva
GOT Sweden Gothenburg  
J14 Norway Furuset (Lindeberg) Jerikoveien 14 (SKF building)
K1-K3 Norway Skullerud (ND school)General Ruges vei 100
KRS Norway Kristiansand
LILL Norway Lillehammer
M1-M5 Norway Skullerud Olav Helsetsvei 5
NAH U.S.A Houston
POG Norway Porsgrunn Olavs gate 26
R1-R5 Norway Skullerud Olav Helsetsvei 5
S1-S4 Norway Skullerud Olav Helsetsvei 5
SAN Norway Sandnes
SFH Finland Helsinki
SLU Sweden Luleå
SMA Sweden Malmø
SSH Sweden Stockholm
STK Norway Steinkjer
SUV Sweden Upplands Väsby
SVA Sweden Vaxjø
TOS Norway Tromsø Sjølundveien 7
TRD Norway Trondheim Haakon Magnussonsgate 12
UKM UK Manchesterz
UKN UK Newbury
UKW UK Warrington
X1-X5 Norway Skullerud Olav Helsetsvei 6
Y1-Y6 Norway Skullerud Olav Helsetsvei 6
Z1-Z5 Norway Skullerud Olav Helsetsvei 6

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