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TDV-2200 keyboard refurbishing

The project

  • This simple project is just to clean a very dirty keyboard so it will look nice.
  • There will be another project to actually use it.


  • Tandberg TDV-2200 keyboard (ND-246).
  • Dismounted the keyboard and washed all the plastic and metal parts in hot soapy water.
  • Washed the keyboard cable as it was very dirty and re-twisted it.
  • Carefully brushed the PCB board and checked it for any visible damage, none found.
  • Removing all the rust from the screws by using Coca Cola.
  • Reassembled the keyboard.
  • Now I have a nice and clean TDV-2200 keyboard ready for next project.


  • None


  • None

Version history

  • Hardware
    • None
  • Software
    • None


  • Do you have a TDV-2200 keyboard for me to play with ?
  • Possibly, if you pay me enough.
Top view

Bottom view

Component side, cleaned

Solder side, cleaned

Washed parts

Cleaned keycaps

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