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COM001 - Morse code

The project

  • This project requires no additional hardware parts, but only the Arduino board itself.
  • The idea for this project comes when I removed a buzzer from a Tandberg keyboard, this might be used for something fun.
  • However the project became more of an exercise in creating a working Arduino Morse library.
  • This project is using my Morse library.


  • Use the Arduino board alone using the built in LED.
  • Connect an external LED or buzzer, as you please.


  • With this small program for the Arduino board, we can now send or print Morse code.
  • This program can be downloaded and uploaded to the an Arduino board using Xloader.
  • After downloading you can connect to the Arduino board using f.ex HyperTerminal.
  • The program is using my own Arduino Morse library, version A00.
  • The Arduino program COM001 has the following commands:
    • a - Send the Morse code for the entire defined Morse alphabet. You can cancel this at any time by hitting any key.
    • dn - Change the duration of a Morse dot, n is number of ms. All other durations are derived from this dot duration.
    • fn - Change the tone frequency used if a buzzer is connected, n is frequency in Hz.
    • h - Display the help screen.
    • mx - Send the given text (x) as Morse code out on the defined output pin.
    • pn - Change the output pin to be used, default is the built in LED, typical on pin 13.
    • R - Reset the Arduino board (warmstart).
    • s - Display the current program configuration/status.
    • wx - Write the given text (x) as a string of dots and dashes.


ND noProductLanguageReleaseTitleDownloadFilesSizeOriginalType
292011.A00ArduinoENJan. 2019COM001ZIP file19.1 KBYesSW

Version history

  • Hardware
    • None
  • Software
    • A00 - 2019.01.01 - First released version


  • Do you have buzzers or LEDs that I can buy?
  • Nope.

  • Can I buy an Arduino Uno and/or Arduino prototype board from you?
  • Yes, but IT IS much cheaper to find and buy it on the internet.

  • Can you build or help me build this project?
  • No, there is nothing to build.

  • Can I have the Arduino source sketch so I can modify it myself.
  • No, you can NOT. You have to write your own sketch.
Hooked up to the Arduino board

Circuit diagram

Snapshot from a run

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