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Norsk Data utilities1.4.10 - Norsk Data utilities

Here are some of the instruments, test equipments and tools used by Norsk Data. Most of these does not exists any more, but some does. The items are grouped into different categories, but not sorted in any other way. - ND made tools

ND Memory Trace Module - PACE soldring/desoldring stations

PACE PPS-5E serial no. 4456

PACE PPS-5E serial no. 9773 - Tektronix instruments

Tektronix 1240 12RS01, 8K RAM PACK serial no. B011792 and B013477

Tektronix 1240 Logic Analyzer serial no. B040385

Tektronix 1240 Logic Analyzer serial no. B040530

Tektronix 1240 Logic Analyzer serial no. B071055

Tektronix 1240 Logic Analyzer spare parts available - Various equipments and tools

ESD - Wristband

Pager - Components and other small parts


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