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xxxxxx - Floppy box, internal, large cabinet


  • Internal floppy box for the large cabinets.
  • Sometimes used as an external floppy box in the test labs where good look isn't that important.
  • From one to a maximum of four floppy/streamer drives can be installed, depending on the type.
  • A common configuration is; one streamer drive and one (or two) floppy drives.
  • Normally it has its own power supply (which is necessary when used as an external floppy box) but can get 5V/12V DC from the computer's main power supply.
  • This box is taken from the internal machine HQRD-JOJO, CPU 502.1027 and is equipped with one 5¼" and one 8" floppy drive.
  • Size 440 x 610 x 125 mm
  • Release date xx. xxx. xxxx


  • None


  • None


  • None


  • On/Off switch on the back


  • Input 230V AC
  • Input 5V/12V DC (for some configurations)
  • Floppy controller

Stock status

  • Not available
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