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For the earliest versions of SINTRAN and up to version K work mode (WM) 500, it was necessary to generate a specialized configuration of SINTRAN for each machine (if you could not use one of the templates). From version K WM 500, SINTRAN came in three standard configurations A, B and C, usable for most of the ND computers. SINTRAN adapted itself to that computer's hardware within the capabilities of each configuration. It also came with a setup program S3-CONFIG-xxx:PROG to make some adjustments on each system.

Now it was no longer necessary to generate a customized SINTRAN, except in some peculiar cases. We lost the detailed control we had on each computer hardware configuration, but maintenance was so much easier.

There are now CPU configurations listed. Missing CPU numbers (machines) are most likely running a standard SINTRAN III version, or it is not a SINTRAN machine at all (but f.ex. a Dolphin machine). The estimated number of machines produced by Norsk Data (based on these CPU lists) are approximately CPUs.

CPU (or serial) number is important and was usually inserted together with the generation of SINTRAN, but in some cases, it was patched in after the installation. CPU number is the key to keep track of the hardware and software configurations, maintenance contracts etc. CPU number was also used in the Cosmos network as a hardware identification and on the Ethernet as part of the MAC address.

Some CPU numbers are zero/unknown at generation time, this is because this is a test machine and/or it will be patched in after installation.

A description of the columns used in the standardized table can be found here, explaining the meaning of each column.

SINTRAN configurations, templates

SINTRAN configurations, CPU no. 100.0000 - 102.9999

SINTRAN configurations, CPU no. 500.0000 - 503.9999

SINTRAN configurations, CPU no. 900.0000 - 950.9999

SINTRAN configurations, CPU no. xxxx.16000 - xxxx.99999

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